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Substrate Irrigation Management

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Poor irrigation practice will have a detrimental effect on both quality and yield.

Why Schedule your Substrate Production?

  • Applying irrigation water and fertiliser is an expensive pastime
  • If you are running your crops at 30% run-off then you are simply wasting 30% of your water and fertiliser - does this make economic sense? And at what cost?

Good Irrigation management in substrate is the difference between success and failure. With little room for error it is vital that the irrigation system can deliver water and nutrients to the plants equally and evenly across a block of ground. To ensure your irrigation system is delivering it is worth spending some time getting it right from the outset.

To avoid wasteful run-off and ensure uniformity, we recommend using the Agri-tech surveying service to obtain highly accurate and detailed information, from basic tunnel layout to detailed topographic data that the substrate system sits on. A detailed "picture" of the ground enables the irrigation team, together with the designer, to ensure that the system performs at its optimum, avoiding drain down once the system shuts down. Drain down must be avoided; therefore, choice of dripper and correct placement of any DNL (dripper non leakage) devices is essential. The DNL acts like a "canal gate" preventing drain down of the system once the valve closes. The DNL devices need to follow the contour lines of the land, meaning detailed contour maps are essential to help ensure uniformity. 

We recommend the use of the Delta T WET probe to quickly evaluate how the moisture is varying within your substrate. Once uniformity is achieved, Agri-tech's Continuous Monitoring probes become a vital tool for Precision irrigation Management. Data is sent straight to the web for easy access and is frequently updated throughout the course of a day. 

Using the Probe in either pots or bags, one is able to see "real time" the moisture content as it varies over time. The data is displayed in mm of water (an easy to understand format). From the probe data one can see exactly how many mm of water per day the plants are using, how many mm's are being applied each day to the pot/bag, and from this information one is easily able to adjust the number of irrigation events each day to match altering climatic conditions.

Adding the Run-off sensor enables complete clarity as to when during the 24hr period the run-off is taking place, essential information for Precision Substrate Irrigation.

Temperature and relative humidity sensors can be added to the data logger in the probe electronics to see what impact the protected environment is having on plant water demand, and PAR light sensors complete the picture, evaluating what effect the glass / poly is having on light within the growing environment

Summary - The Essential steps to Precision Irrigation in Substrate cropping

  • Have your site GPS-surveyed - Agri-tech's surveying service will create a "GPS picture" of your site

  • Surveyed data to be used by irrigation team and / or designer to ensure correct system specification

  • Once installed the DNL devices where needed are plcaed exactly where required within the irrigaiton block - preventing drain down

  • Use hand held moisture meter to determine variation and field averages

  • Strategic positioning of the Agri-tech Continual Monitoring probes will feed live moisture data 24/7 directly to your PC or SMART device

  • Enables the irrigation team to react to changing weather conditions

  • Watch your plants "wake up in the morninig and go to sleep at night" - essential to understand for Precision Irrigation of your crops


  • On site visits and consultancy together with off site support

  • Repeat results year after year - creating blueprints for differing crops / varieties

  • Minimises expensive run-off

  • Enhanced quality and yield

  • Reduced costs - water, fertiliser, electricity, labour

  • Environmentally friendly - reduced carbon footprint

  • Optimise water resource and fertiliser uptake

  • Healthier plants

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