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With over 32 years experience in the field, we understand the needs of our clients and their business.

Our Vision

At Agri-tech we envision leading agriculture into a sustainable, technologically advanced future. Our innovative solutions empower global farmers to achieve unprecedented productivity, efficiency, and environmental stewardship.

Our Values

At Agri-Tech, we serve a diverse clientele ranging from traditional farmers to modern agribusinesses who seek to innovate and thrive in agriculture. Our core values of innovation, sustainability, and reliability drive us to deliver tailored solutions that optimize crop yield and streamline operations. By leveraging cutting-edge technology such as data analytics, IoT, and precision farming techniques, we empower our clients to achieve sustainable growth while reducing their environmental footprint.

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Latest News & Products

Did you know you could control Strawberry Powdery Mildew and save money?

With rising costs of Pesticides, fuel and labour, and margins being squeezed still further, there has never been a better time to consider using intelligent disease prediction models as part of a management support system.

In conjunction with the University of Hertfordshire the Strawberry Powdery Mildew prediction system is now available from Agri-tech

  • Management of the control of strawberry powdery mildew
  • Create disease monitoring zones on your farm
  • Data viewed on your SMART device or PC
  • Target your sprays intelligently saving limited chemistry for when it is really needed
  • Environmentally responsible reducing the use of fungicides and saving money

Click here for more information or call us on 01462 813303. See the video https://youtu.be/PlDK3SyJdvQ

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Now available - The first bespoke Substrate Irrigation Management app - available for all devices via our new Progressive Web App

Data recorded by in field operatives can be captured and analysed from an unlimited number of manaual drain stations.

If upgrading to the Agri-tech automated drain stations, the databse will be automatically updated with near "real-time" drip and drain data, replacing the need for the app.

  • Record your in-field data once only - all records saved on database
  • Drip and drain EC, pH, run-off, WET probe readings & your water meter readings
  • Synch your records with the database
  • View your data for quick decision making

For more information click here or call us on 01462 813303.

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Substrate Cropping Irrigation Management Solutions

  • Agri-tech susbstrate app for use on manual drain stations - data entered once - Record it - Synchronise it - View it
  • SMART sensors - data directly to the cloud for Precision Irrigation decisions
  • Analyse in detail run-off from each irrigation event
  • Live pH and Ec data for your drip in and drain recordings - automated drain stations - labour saving
  • Agri-tech irrigation automation solution - Connect SMART Sensor technology to your irrigation controller

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Soil Health Check - How Healthy is your Soil?

What is your organic matter content? How many tonnes per hectare do you have of organic carbon?

Let us "dig" into your soil and provide the answers.

Call us on 01462 813303, mail info@agri-tech.co.uk or click here for more information

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New Dashboard & charts for Soil Irrigation Scheduling

Scheduling made easy with the new dashboard field summary

  • Fuel Gauge indicating moisture status
  • Crop daily water use displayed in mm per day
  • Soil Moisture Deficit (SMD) in mm
  • Predicted date to reach irrigation trigger

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Dtu In Soil Crops

New Weatherlink Console - now available

Use the vibrant HD touch screen to easily navigate, view and analyse your weather data on one intuitive device - click here for more details

Agri-tech's weather station has changed our whole farming philosophy. Knowledge of your own weather data has enabled us to construct degree day and winter chill models across individual cultivars and most of our pests within the context of our own changing climate.

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