Meet the Agri-tech team

We are a progressive dynamic business, and through offering opportunity it has enabled us to create a workforce that share our passion and values.

Our values

At Agri-Tech, we serve a diverse clientele ranging from traditional farmers to modern agribusinesses who seek to innovate and thrive in agriculture. Our core values of innovation, sustainability, and reliability drive us to deliver tailored solutions that optimize crop yield and streamline operations. By leveraging cutting-edge technology such as data analytics, IoT, and precision farming techniques, we empower our clients to achieve sustainable growth while reducing their environmental footprint.

Our Story

Agri-tech Services initially provided an Irrigation Scheduling service using Neutron probe technology found by Simon being widely used in Australia. Simon was previously managing an arable farm and had been involved with irrigating crops. However, the decision making process as to whether to irrigate or not appeared to be very limited, and it seemed a more scientific approach would be of benefit.

In 1993 in partnership with a work colleague Cape Irrigation Consultants was established in Cape Town South Africa, and the South African link was formed.

In 1995 Agri-tech started GPS soil sampling before later becoming involved with sampling, creating nutrient maps and variable fertiliser application plans.

In 1996 with the introduction of poly-tunnels then being widely adopted on soft fruit farms, Agri-tech introduced  a range of weather stations to enable a better understanding of the micro-climate being produced under protected cropping, and the effects that was having.

Today nearly 30 years on, Agri-tech has a wide portfolio of services under each of the three distinct areas of the business, which perfectly intertwine with each other. Being completely independent enables us to offer our farming clients, many of whom have been with us for 20 years or more, impartial advice that will benefit both their business and the environment at large.

Our philosophy is quite simple: Agri-tech "people" are focused on utilising the world's most precious and natural resources for sustainable food production. We are passionate about what we do, and are privileged to be working with some of the most Professional and Innovative growers in the world.

The Team