GPS Mapping / Surveys

Field scouting conducted with Laser precision. Stop Guessing - it can't be done!

"Essential for Precision Irrigation within our Substrate Production."

That's the conclusion of Robin Lynch - Irrigation Manager at Stewarts's of Tayside.

Mapping for Substrate Production

With a large move towards substrate production within the UK Soft Fruit Industry, there needs to be more focus on correct dripper specification and DNL placement to ensure even distribution of nutrients and water. Most substrate irrigation systems are based on greenhouse technology; however, greenhouses are generally built on laser levelled ground. Many substrate blocks are built on slopes. If the Irrigation system is designed correctly, then there is the opportunity to reduce wasteful run-off to single figures. Agri-tech's advanced mapping system can produce highly detailed topography maps which help the irrigation designer recommend the correct dripper specification. Agri-tech can then produce a detailed DNL plan ensuring that the DNL devices are placed precisely where they are needed.

Agri-tech's surveying service can create a "GPS picture of your site" together with essential topographic data. The map can portray various pieces of information in layers; some examples being field boundary, tunnel boundary, topography and DNL positioning.

They survey will assist your irrigation team / designer in the correct specification of the irrigation system components. Once the irrigation is installed, Agri-tech can create a DNL plan which ensures that DNL's are accurately placed in the irrigation block, preventing drain down of the system. This in turn radically improves the even distribution of water and feed. Having achieved even distribution of water and feed, Agri-tech's substrate management system will enable your irrigation team to match irrigation to plant water demand.

Why is it important to have a detailed site survey?

  • Irrigation design - Detailed topographic data enabling precise irrigation design 
  • Poly-tunnel layout - quicker and more accurate than the measuring wheel
  • Drainage schemes - Map drainage pipes and other important landmarks
  • Ideal for Planning and flood risk assessment

The Features:

  • Surveys are conducted using state of the art RTK GPS recording equipment, giving laser precision
  • Bespoke mapping software enables multi-layered field scouting to be conducted
  • Data subsequently transferred to cad-based Mapping software to create multi-layer site maps
  • Unique detailed topographic data can be captured, enabling exact planning to take place
  • Height data is portrayed at a resolution of one meter
Tunnel With Slope

Tunnel with slope - pictured with Agri-tech moisture probe and run-off station

Image right - typical map produced from the RTK Mapping surveys indicating poly-tunnel layout, sub-main, irrigation blocks, DNL positioning and topography layer.

The irrigation team are supplied with accompanying table indicating tunnel numbers and distance from the top of the irrigation block to insert the DNL (Dripper non Leakage) devices.