Automated Substrate Drain Station

Automate your drip and drain EC, pH and run-off measurements

How much is it costing you in labour to take your daily drip and drain measurements?

Our drip and drain station provides a reliable automated solution

Seperate charts displaying

  • Drip and drain EC
  • Drip and drain pH
  • Run-off - view as 24 hr daily totals or view in hourly mode - analyse exctly when your drain is ocurring and by how much (bottom image below)

Data is uploaded to the dashboard every 15 minutes, (see below) as well as updating the charts for full analysis.

For details on the full range of charts and substrate dashboard click here

Ec P H Charts 15 12 22 Run Off 24Hr Chart 15 12 22 Hourly Run Off Chart 15 12 22

Chart above indicating drain commenced on the sixth irrigation of the day and concluded shortly after 10:00

Installing the drain station 

There are a number of considerations to take into account when intalling the auto-drain station;

  1. Choose a sensible area within the block which is representative
  2. Ensure the plants you are collecting the drain from are also representative.
  3. In the case of potted plants - do not raise these to collect the drain - when doing this it no longer represensts what is happening in the field. With pots one needs to dig a hole and line with a plastic containter enabling the drain water to drain away. Once the drain collector is installed ensure a lid can be placed on top to keep all debris from fouling the drain
  4. Ensure the gutter that the pots are sat on are clean and that the drain water has an uninterrupted flow into the drain collector 
  5. Regular checks and maintenenace ensuring all gutters are kept clean of any debris or sediment build up - this will ensure accurate drip and drain EC & pH data as well an accurate evaluation of your drip and drain run-off events

Download the Auto-drain pdf Ats Automatic Drain Station