Substrate Irrigation Management Solutions

Precision Irrigation - Maximise yield and minimise the use of water and fertiliser 

Substrate Irrigation Management Solutions  

Using Agri-tech's API capabilities, let SMART sensors help with management decisions, enabling Precision Irrigation become reality

Agri-tech SMART Sensors 

We have a range of sensors that can be positioned in -field within your crop that provides near "real-time" data on the plant's activity

By tracking hourly water use, VPD and the impact your irrigation system is having on substrate moisture one is able to fine tune the irrigation to match the plant's water demand - it simply takes out the guesswork

Download the platform flier Ats Substrate Dashboard Flier 

Agri-tech Substrate App

Designed to create a one stop data entry for all to view. The operator in the field enters data such as drip and drain pH, EC, mls in and mls out and the app will auto-calculate run-off percentage.

When in a wifi zone, simply synchronise with the database enabling all users access to the data.

Download the App pdf Agronomics App 

Automated Drain Station

The automated drain station replaces the need for manually recording drip and drain every day and measuring run-off. 

Enables accurate "live" data on the status of your drip EC and pH through the day as well as analysing exatly when drain events are traking place.

Download the auto-drain pdf Ats Automatic Drain Station 

Agri-tech Irrigation Automation

Agri-tech's automation solution enables the in-field SMART sensors to trigger the irrigation on the irrigation computer / rig. The operator via the Automation page on the platform decides the trigger(s) they wish to utilise to activate an irrigation.

The system can have any number of periods in the day, and can be triggered by one or a number of sensors. Eg if the soil moisture is less than X OR the VPD is greater than Y trigger an irrigation event. This could also be if the moisture is less than X AND the VPD is greater than Y trigger an event.

Download the Automation flier Ats Irrigation Automation Banner

Agri-tech Substrate Management Solutions - summarised