Soil moisture Monitoring Probes

Data directly to your PC or smartphone.

The client has access to the data 24/7, making this "real time" information.

The System

The hardware consists of a soil moisture probe inserted into the soil with sensors placed at 10cm increments. The probe is connected to a GPRS modem powered by a battery and solar system. The Package is designed to be a stand-alone once installed into the desired crop. Data is then sent to a remote server, interpreted by Agri-tech's experienced team and published to the web.


  • Web-based video of your soil moisture - no software required
  • See events as they happen - data sent directly to you
  • React to changing weather and crop use as it happens
  • Agri-tech Consultancy/support ensures secure data 24/7
  • Data interpretation backed up by onsite visits throughout the growing season