Soil Cropping Irrigation Management

Data directly to your PC or smartphone.

The client has access to the data 24/7, making this "real time" information.

ATS Soil Dashboard - Scheduling made easy with the new dashboard field summary

The unique new Soil dashboard provides all the necessary information in one easy to read screen.  For each field displayed see the crop water use in mm, SMD in mm, the irrigation trigger displayed as an SMD and predicted irrigation date. 

ATS Soil Charts

Ats Metos Dtu Onions

Probe and Rain-gauge in a crop of onions

The System

The hardware consists of a soil moisture probe inserted into the soil with sensors placed at 10cm increments. The probe is connected to a GPRS modem powered by a battery and solar system. The package is designed to be a stand-alone once installed into the desired crop. Data is then sent to a remote server, interpreted by Agri-tech's experienced team and published to the web. The User then accesses the data using their login details giving them access to the Agri-tech web portal to view all data.

Clients have access to up to date data enabling them to make speedy decisions when it comes to scheduling their irrigation. The easy to view dashboard gives a quick and visual update to the soil moisture status across the farm. 

Take the guesswork out of irrigation by knowing exactly the soil mositure status of each of your crops. Knowing how effective that overnight rainfall was to your soil moisture status for example, offers the opportunity to make optimum use of farm labour and hardware. 


  • Web-based video of your soil moisture - no software required
  • See events as they happen - data sent directly to you
  • React to changing weather and crop use as it happens
  • Agri-tech Consultancy/support ensures secure data 24/7
  • Data interpretation backed up by onsite visits throughout the growing season

Below is an example of the Rootzone Moisture Content Graph (updated every hour) enabling the user to visually assess crop water use, effect of irrigation / rainfall events, and the soil moisture deficit (SMD) displayed in mm at any given point in time. The crop water useage chart (mm per day) indicates exactly where optimum growth ceases and therefore where the irrigation trigger needs to be through the growing season and when it needs to change. The crop displayed is a spring sown drilled onion crop.

Probe Dtu Rainfauge

SMART Sensors providing detailed information on the Crop's growing Environment

SMART Sensors

Accompanying the Rootzone moisture content graph below is the individual sensor graph indicating where the crop is using its water (top right), the crop water daily water use chart in mm per day (bottom left), and the soil temperature at each depth (bottom right). If a conductivity probe is used also portrayed is Ec or conductivity at each depth - indicative of the soil's nutritional status.

An automatic rain-gauge provides accurate information on not only site specific rainfall events but overhead irrigation events too, and other sensors such as temperature and humidity can be added if so desired.

Data displayed includes;

  • Rootzone Moisture Content (mm)
  • Soil Moisture Deficit (SMD) (mm)
  • Crop water use (mm per day)
  • Irrigation trigger point
  • Predicted irrigation date
  • Rainfall
  • Soil temperature & Climate