Metos Climate Sensors

SMART technology using Narrow Band IOT to send data from the field to your SMART device

Reduce your labour costs, enhance your produce quality, and reduce your pesticide use, three benefits from the intelligent use of SMART sensors in your business

Uses the latest Narrow Band (NBiOT) technology to send the data to the cloud

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The key to the success of SMART sensor use is how the data is presented to the end user - our dashboard pulls all sensor data into one central location for easy viewing - see our dashboard page

SMART sensor data is sending data to the cloud where our Dashboard updates your secure login every 1/4 hr 24/7 365

METOS LoRain unit providing rainfall / run-off data -  easy to view data making decisions quick and effective. Add temperature & humidity to the LoRain for climate data, useful for outdoor cropping, or growing under protection.

METOS Sensors

METOS LoRath measuring temperature & humidity providing climate data, Growing Degree Hours for crop forecasting, Chill hours, VPD and data to feed into disease forecasting models.

The METOS M-MET soil base - attach your soil moisture probe for precison irrigation scheduling in both substrate and soil cropping.

LoRain with temperature & relative humidity

LoRath - temeprature & humidity sensor

M-METOS Soil Base - with raingauge. Has the capability  to add a number of additional sensors including soil moisture probes

Imt 3 3 300 Series Alt Angle

For more information on the Metos range of climate sensors please contact us

Imt 3 3 300 Series