Davis Weather Stations

Cost-effective and professional weather stations.

 The entry level Vantage Vue ISS


 The Flagship Vantage Pro 2 ISS

The Davis Vantage Vue is aimed at those who need a basic weather station to accurately record met data for their location.

The Entry Level Vantage Vue Automatic Weather Station

New to the range is the Vantage Vue Weather Station, which belongs to the same family as the Flagship Vantage Pro weather station. This weather station is arguably the most “cost-effective” professional automatic weather station available.

Made to the same high specification as the Vantage Pro, Vantage Vue includes a compact outdoor sensor array and an indoor LCD display (Console).

The fully integrated corrosion proof sensor suite is built to withstand all weathers. The sensor suite transmits data wirelessly to the Vantage Vue Console every 2.5 seconds. Once at the Console, weather data can be viewed on the LCD display with ease. Alternatively, as with Vantage Pro weather stations, fit the Weatherlink software to the Console and all weather data can be downloaded to a PC. Once on the PC, data can be analysed in graphic or text format. If the Weatherlink Live is fitted, the weather data is automatically uploaded to your own weather web page, giving you the opportunity to become part of a Global weather network - see weather station software for more details.

For a full remote Cellular solution connect your Vantage Vue sensors to the Vantage Connect

Sensors on the Vantage Vue include:

  • Indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Indoor and outdoor relative humidity
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Barometric pressure
  • Rainfall and dew point



Aimed at the Professional the Davis Wireless Vantage Pro Weather Station offers a range of customisable sensor options

Flagship Vantage Pro Weather Station

The standard weather station consists of the ISS (integrated sensor suite) and Console (Receiver). The wireless ISS runs on solar power, being backed up by a lithium battery during the night and low light level days. The transmitter in the station transmits data up to 300 meters every 2.5 seconds using unique frequency hopping radio technology back to the Console. The Vantage Pro Consoles can receive data from up to eight differing configurations. The Consoles can transmit data to other within range Consoles. Data displayed is "live", being updated every few seconds. The weather stations are modular and all sensors work on a "plug and play" concept, making servicing and replacement of faulty parts a straightforward process.

Anemometer: Includes both wind speed and direction sensors. The anemometer is sensitive to the lightest breeze yet will withstand hurricane force wind. Wind tunnel tested and calibrated up to speeds of 170 mph.

Rain collector: Rain collector with self-emptying tipping bucket rain gauge. Rainfall amounts recorded in 0.1 inches or 0.2 mm increments

Temperature and humidity: Temp and RH sensors are located inside the radiation shield. The shield protects the sensors from the solar radiation and other sources of radiated and reflected

Turn your Vantage Pro into a true remote standalone weather station by adding the Vantage Connect Cellular unit. Alternatively if your sensors are within 300 meters of your wifi zone, send your data to the cloud via Weatherlink Live

Features of the Vantage Pro ISS at a glance:

  • Barometric pressure
  • Weather forecast
  • Temperature and relative humidity
  • Heat index
  • Rainfall for minutes, hours, days, year and storm rainfall totals for the past 24 hrs
  • Rain rate
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Wind chill

With the Gro-weather version a solar radiation sensor is also included. The Vantage Pro Plus includes a solar radiation sensor together with a UV (ultra violet) sensor.



  Wireless Vantage Pro Gro-Weather

Wireless Vantage Pro Gro-Weather ISS (integrated sensor suite) as the Vantage Pro sensor suite with solar radiation included known as the Gro-Weather ISS. With solar radiation added one can calculate Evapotranspiration (ET), Sunshine hours and Solar energy. 

Gro-Weather ISS                                                                               Vantage Pro Plus ISS