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Weather Station Advice Centre

Full service and support package to weather station owners.

Guidance and help wherever you need it.

Agri-tech will provide help and guidance in advising the correct specification of weather equipment to meet individual needs.

Agri-tech provides a full installation and training service. This involves building the system(s), installation, configuration and commissioning. Agri-tech offers a full service and support package to its weather station owners.

Weather stations are becoming ever more popular and when used correctly can provide powerful information, from predicting harvest dates to Pest and Disease forecasting. Outside Agriculture Industry at large is making more use of localised weather data, with applications ranging from assisting tower crane operators endorsing safe codes of practice, to energy companies predicting emergency cover during extreme weather events.

Agri-tech are working with a number of agronomists, crop consultants and grower groups to facilitate the integration of our weather station data into various crop models. We are passionate about the fact that a network of detailed weather data could provide vital information helping the industry to move ever nearer to the concept of producing zero residue food.

If you are an individual considering a weather station or representing a larger group, contact us to chat through you requirements and expectations and we will help you get the correct specification to meet your needs.