GPS Grid PCN Sampling Service

Assess the efficacy of your nematode control policy.

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If you still sample for PCN by hand, you will inevitably miss areas of the field.

Our ultra low ground pressure vehicles are kitted out with state of the art GPS and sampling technology to guarentee a Precision Sampling Service 

The latest AHDB protocol for PCN sampling is a 100 meter Grid with minimum 50 cores per ha collecting 1kg of soil.  Agri-tech has been sampling using this technique for over 10 years. A 200 gm sample size is recommended for analysis at the lab.

Download our PCN Service pdf New Pcn Flier October 2023

Why sample for PCN?

Potato crop yields 50 ton / ha - with a crop value at £130 per ton this equates to £6,500 per ha. PCN has the potential to halve crop yield - £3,250. Nematicide costs up to £350 per ha.

Conclusions: Be alerted to and target treat high risk areas.

PCN Sampling

Agri-tech's unique PCN Service ensures the most robust sampling techniques are used with an automated sampler, guaranteeing consistency to the sampling depth.


Depending on the perceived PCN levels, we offer three different sampling regimes all based on GPS grid sampling. The same 50 cores of soil will be taken from 1 hectare, two or four. The distances between each sample are laid out below:

No SamplesHa per sampleDistance between samples (meters)

The service includes:

  • Automated sampler giving consistency to depth of sampling
  • GPS map of field indicating block reference numbers and areas
  • GPS map of field showing sample points and route taken for sampling
  • Tramline and irrigation lane layout displayed on maps for irrigation and field planning 
  • Sampling grid(s) created around your A-B line
  • All maps transferable to your Gatekeeper Mapping software

The Benefits:

  • Whole field covered - much higher accuracy then traditional W pattern sampling
  • Flexible sampling regime depending on perceived PCN problem
  • Automated sampler giving consistency to sampling regime and depth of sampling
  • Tracking device indicates route of bike and sample points
  • Large soil sample taken - can be used for nutrient analysis if required
  • Minimum of 49 cores taken per ha / sample
  • Can be tailored to fit your budget


  • Anglian Soil Analysis / RAA (Richard Austin Associates) (or chosen lab for analysis if preferred)
  • Soil diluted on water - PCN eggs float to surface
  • Dilution sieved and nematodes placed under microscope
  • Count done manually - if cysts are found, then the process is repeated to determine egg count


  • Should be used as a guide
  • If eggs are found further sub-sampling may be required to get a more accurate picture of the problem
  • Seek recommendations from potato agronomist for appropriate nematicide and course of action

Target your Nematicide with confidence

We can help you make up application maps for your nematicide applicator - talk to us for further details