How Healthy is your Soil?

Let us dig into your soil with our Carbon Check service and provide you with the answers

How many tonnes per hectare of organic carbon are you sitting on in your field? Our Carbon Check service will provide the answer to this question and many more

The UK Land Base holds the largest carbon sink in the country.  Restoring and protecting the World's soil could enable up to five billion tonnes of carbon to be absorbed each year, thus having a profound impact in slowing down Global Warming.

Carbon stored in the soil could become a "Commodity Crop" according to some analysts. The practice of farming soils with a  regenerative  approach helps to improve the vast carbon sink in the soil, and in so doing removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus reversing the effects of climate change. 

As a result of this, farmers and land owners are sitting on an asset which is increasing in value to the world in which we live. Many large Corporate Companies and Industry are fast realising that the UK land base may provide some of the answers in helping offset their own carbon footprint.

Our Carbon Check Service enables you to evaluate your soil's health today and draw a line in the sand as a starting point. By taking soil from known GPS locations, it enables us to take samples from the same positions again at a point in the future, enabling you to see the impact your farming practices are having on your soil's health. This is something that is going to become increasingly important to your business in the future.

What is involved?

  1. We drive the boundary of your field to create a boundary map which calculates the area of the field
  2. From the boundary map we create a sampling plan detailing where to take the individual cores to make up the sample. This plan is stored for future use and tracability.
  3. From each field we collect approx 300 gms of soil which then gets sent to be analysed at the NRM laboratory, for their detailed analysis and Carbon Audit report ( details below)

GPS Boundary map with sample points and track of the sampling vehicle. Can be re-loaded for subsequent sampling in the future - ensures repeatability and tracability

Detailed lab report from NRM Laboratories

What you get

  1. GPS Boundary map detailing location of sample points and vehicle track - essential for repeatability and tracability in future years
  2. Detailed Carbon Audit Laboratory report from NRM consisting of the following;
    1. Organic Carbon stock (t/ha)
    2. Active Carbon mg / kg
    3. Soil Organic Carbon %
    4. Organic Matter %
    5. Total Nitrogen %
    6. Total Carbon %
    7. C:N Ratio (ideal range 10:1 to 12:1)
    8. Inorganic Carbon % & Carbonate Classification
    9. Bulk Density kg/l

For more information on the Carbon Check Service and an indication of costs please get in touch with the team at Agri-tech