METOS Product Support / Maintenance videos

METOS Hardware support & fault finding videos 

Support & Maintenance Videos

The videos below are designed to help keep your METOS product running with the maximum up-time. The common support calls we have tried to cover, however if there are any specific areas that would help you please let us know. This page is under construction and more videos will get added to this page

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How to change the battery on your µMetos Soil Base (DTU) 


How to change the battery on your METOS LoRath logger

How to change the battery on an ATS22 METOS 3.3 Data Transfer Unit

Using an unlocked handset to check the validity of your data SIM

ATS22 configuration / Install videos

Identifying the serial number of the ATS22

Inserting the SIM card in an ATS 22

Jumper placement for configuring your ATS22

Replacing the solar panel & battery lead on an ATS22

Installing a moisture probe on your ATS22

Testing your moisture probe sensors - Teraterm

Installing a rain gauge on an ATS22

Testing your rain gauge - Teraterm

Installing the pH / EC interface on an ATS22

Installing the pH EC sesnors on the interface unit

Calibrating your EC / pH sensors

Teraterm on an ATS22 

Removing the Motherboard from an ATS22

Installing the Motherboard c/w SDI 12 expansion board

µMetos Soil Base (DTU) configuration / Install videos

Moisture probe installations

Installing a moisture probe into a strawberry substrate bag

Installing a moisture probe into substrate pots