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Crop covers

Posted on Monday 28th May 2018

Fleece arriving on farm directly from our Italian supplier

Agri-tech 25 years old - December 2017

Posted on Tuesday 6th February 2018

Jo wins Driver of the Afternoon at Land Rover's Luton Hoo off road Experience being presented with a cup to prove it!

The team celebrated 25 years in business by putting the latest offering from Land Rover to the test - and the best bit - we didn't have to clean the cars afterwards!!

Agri-tech EnviroMonitor

Posted on Tuesday 7th March 2017

New EnviroMonitor 

Released June 2017, the new EnviroMonitor provides hardware and accompanying cloud based software to measure monitor and manage in-field data ranging from Temperature and wind speed to water flow and pressure from your irrigation system to EC to  monitor fertiliser useage.

A comprehensive solution, self-powered to deliver data directly from your field to your SMART device 24/7 365

For more information go to our Cellular weather station options or use our “request a call back “ option from our Contact Us page.

Agri-tech EnviroMonitor
Agri-tech EnviroMonitor