Sencrop Weather Monitoring made simple

Live weather data straight to your SMART device

Robust, Accurate, Affordable, Reliable, Takes Minutes to Set-up, the Raincrop from Sencrop

In field sensors:

  • Installed within minutes- mount pole with auger included as standard.
  • Attach your raincrop to the mast and switch on. 
  • Register your system and view your data.
  • In build GPS tracker automatically geo-references the position of your station
  • Measures rainfall, temperature and humidity

Weather App


Rain crop weather station 

Mobile app indicating latest weather update, together with graphic weather summary.


Sencrop Temperature indicating min, max and average temp together with rainfall graph

Uses the latest Sigfox data network to send data from the field to the cloud. Ultra low power requirement means a battery change every 3-4 years making this a simple versatile system to move around your farm with ease.

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