Disease forecasting

Strawberry Powdery Mildew Prediction Model

With margins depleting and the cost of fungicide increasing, target your spray application with precision

A new web-based real-time prediction system for strawberry powdery mildew has been developed by the University of Hertfordshire and is accessed via the Agri-tech dashboard.

Uses optimum conditions for humidity and temeprature to record and forecast when the disease is likely to grow, and alerts the grower when it is time to spray.

  • SPM module accessible from your secure client login area

  • Data easily accessible to view from your SMART device

  • Easily create disease monitoring zones witin your farm

  • Can "talk" to three of the most popular climate loggers on the UK market

  • Record your fungicide with ease from any device, creating a fungicide application report for your field

  • Enables proactive rather than reactive fungicide applications, ensuring maximum benefit from limited chemistry

  • Average cost benefit in 2018 was £250 / hectare, with no detriment to the crop 


Spm Graph July 2019 Fungicide Entry

By using the system the grower is able to use fewer fungicide sprays by targeting with prescision.

  • Saves cost
  • Reduces pesticide residue risk
  • Enables intelligent use of limited chemistry
  • Quick and simple to use

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