Client Dashboard

View all your data in one place from Moisture in your pots, to VPD, to Ec at the dripper - it's all at your fingertips in the new Dashboard

Designed by users for users - analysing "big"data made simple.

The dashboard sets out to display all data coming in from your SMART sensors in the field into one central location, enabling instant evaluation on the latest data. Making the right SMART management decisions quickly and efficiently has to be reality in today's digital age making the sensors "earn" their keep 

  • View all data from your SMART sensors as well as data entered on the Agri-tech app in one location
  • Drill down into each field for detailed analysis
  • View your moisture data, Ec and pH, VPD and more in one pane with one click of the mouse
  • Detailed analysis of each irrigation event including auto-calculation of run-off
  • View your mildew risk in the same pane and enter your fungicide applications
  • User defined date ranges to make viewing your history easy
  • Switch features on and off on a per field basis - you choose what you want to view
  • Reports accessed from the same page
  • Export your data to CSV (Excel) for hard copies of records

Figure 1 - SMART Sensors in Table Top Strawberries

Below summary of fields on the farm indicating status of each block

Ats Dashboard Layout 21 10 20

Figure 2 - Moisture graphs from irrigation probe data

Figure 3 - Auto run-off display including %ge run-off for each irrigation event                       Moisture content at each depth

Figure 4 - Agronomics data                                                                                                                              Climate data                                          

Figure 5 - VPD graph (Vapour Pressure Defecit)                                                                           Strawberry Powdery Mildew Risk

Figure 6 - Strawberry Powdery Mildew risk graph displaying latest hours of risk and fungicide records.

Figure 7 - GDH graph (Growing Degree Hours) 

Launched Q4 2020 this will be available to all Agri-tech clients using our Agronomics products and Irrigation monitoring sensors