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Options for viewing your weather data

The ultimate in recording and storing weather data.

EnviroMonitor automatically stores your weather data in the cloud.

How it Works

To View your EnviroMonitor weather data use your secure login details to access your data from the server using the new Weatherlink Platform.

The customisable Dashboard displays the status of all your sensors, whilst using the powerful data visualisation tools enables in-depth analysis of your EnviroMonitor data. Weather data can be exported to Excel for those wishing to use third party software for data processing and analysis. Users familiar with Weatherlink connected to Davis Vantage Vue and Pro systems will find the portal familiar, whilst bringing the storage and viewing of data up to date with the new cloud based concept.

The free Mobilize app enables the user to view their weather data using their iPhone or Android device.

Weatherlink software for Vantage Vue, Vantage Pro & Vantage Connect systems

Weatherlink Standard

The Weatherlink software and data logger provide the answer. Data can be downloaded to a PC at user defined intervals for detailed graphing and analysis. The data logger can store up to six months worth of data depending on the storage interval. Logging intervals, choose from every minute to once every 120 minutes. With Vantage Connect the data logger is included in the package. 

 The USB data logger connects directly into a PC USB port for connection and data downloading. View the "live data" as it happens using the weather bulletin button or download the weather data onto your PC hard drive.

Data from the weather station can be viewed graphically with numerous options, including zoom in, zoom out for quick data evaluation. Data can also be viewed in report mode. If the additional Ag Turf Module is purchased, then plant & pest / disease parameters can be calculated and viewed together with irrigation scheduling using the in-built water balance model.

Weatherlink IP / Connect

With Weatherlink IP, the data logger connects directly to your Broadband router. Data is sent directly from the logger to a remote server where data can be stored for up to six months before a data download is required. With the Vantage Connect system, the data is sent to the same remote server via the Connect's inbuilt modem.

When Weatherlink IP / Connect is registered, a weather web page is automatically created for your site. The added benefit is that you can download your weather station anywhere so long as you have an internet connection. Additionally, you can allow full access to your weather data to anybody that requires that facility e.g. other farm staff, agronomist etc.